So a couple of weeks ago, my kid brother the artist told me that he is quitting his job at Walgreen. He plans to pursue a full-time job as a free lancer. I gotta say I was over joyed to hear that. Here I was preaching about following your passion and not actually having the gut to do it. And my kid brother has taken the first step to realizing his dreams. And you know I'll be there every step of the way to lend whatever support I can.

So what does this mean for you the loyal fans? It means that my brother will soon be able to take commission requests from anyone who. We've already bought the domain name for his website. Will be launching that soon. So just stay tuned. Currently we've only managed a few commission requests. Since he is very busy with his job as a cashier. The above image is of a request made by one of our favorite customers who has pretty much bought all our merchandize. He asked us to come up with a T-shirt design for his anime club. It took some time to do considering P-shinobi's other obligations. So far our customer loves the artwork.

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