Top 3 animes that make me want to get in shape.

Top 3 animes that make me want to get in shape.

I can't be the only one who's put on weight since this crazy cold spell. The weather outside is so discouraging. Recently I had pledged to complete at least 30 miles running each month. That plan fell apart as soon as winter hit. But every now and then I get a spark to go hard. And that normally happens when I watch one episode of one of these three anime shows.

One Punch ManOne punch man.

I think this show has been around in manga form for a while. Is an over the top satire on the action anime genre. But it does it really well. What I really enjoy is the subtle emphasis on physical fitness. For example the scene during the Hero tryouts. I really like that it was all about basic forms of physical activity that anyone can participate in.

Not to mention the ridiculously silly work out regime that is still actually pretty hard to do. LOL 



I love this show so much, that I actually stepped out to buy a bike because of it. Yes, I was that impressed with it. There is a trail near my house that I hit right after I watch an episode of this show. The promotion of the sport and the bikes themselves makes it hard to resist joining in the biking culture. In fact, I am thinking of getting a matte black road bike, once I get the money for it. All because of this show. I'll call the bike Faust. Don't ask.




All I can say is this, everyone on this show is strong. With an exception to the main character (Mikado). I love how the show is centered around the city of Ikebukuro. For some reason, all the characters can fight. One of my favorite characters is actually Mikage Sharaku.


She represents raw strength and I love that. Her character design is so perfect is ridiculous. Watching her fight, makes me miss the days when I practiced Muay Thai. A stint I had to stop because I was being paired with inexperienced big guys that just wanted to behead me. Hopefully one day, I'll have the guts to go back. It was a lot of fun and it boosted my confidence. 

 At any rate, I love anime shows about raw physical talent. I think that's what I especially like about our latest tee Heavy Bag.

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