Flag reprints are now available.

Flag tshirt

So first of all, I know we are doing things over here at Boomslank rather slowly. But believe me when I say the last thing we want to do is disappoint our fans. Especially our loyal fans that pretty much look out for us, buy every single thing we sell, and from time to time drop us a kind word or two.

Anyway, for now please enjoy our Flag reprint, if you haven't already. You probably notice that our reprints sometimes look a little different from our previous prints. Couple of reasons for that.
1) Why not? Is fun to try new things.
2) Improvements. Whenever we notice something we can do to improve a shirt, you can bet we will make the necessary change.
3) Why not? Is fun to try new things. :D

Flag tshirt

You can buy the flag reprint here.

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