My love affair with Pho

I LOVE PHO. Is that simple. This stuff is great! Now that wasn't immediately the case when I first had it. And that was because I simply judged a book by its cover. My first introduction to Pho was with a co-worker who like me always welcomed the idea of trying out new things. 
One day we decided to go off campus for lunch. We randomly picked a restaurant in a shopping center. It turned out to be a Vietnamese restaurant. The prospect of trying something new was our guide. Perusing through the menu, I observed a large number of options with the word "pho" in it. I guess my curiosity at the time was greater than my initial prejudice, because I immediately inquired to know more about this "pho" and went ahead and ordered myself a plate of the meat lovers version of the stuff. I should mention that I love meat. I absolutely love meat. To me, a meal with out meat is a meal with out essence, character or soul. Is basically a snack or a weird form of insult, depending on who serves it.
more pho
When the pho, arrived, the unusual aroma coupled with the mostly liquid appearance immediately turned me off. I felt like I had hit a dud in my quest to try out new things. So I grudgingly decided to finish my latest mistake. As I started sipping on the soup of the pho, I started coming around like a kid who was finally getting the hang of riding a bike for the first time. By the time I knew it, my conservative sips turned into aggressive gulps of the stuff. I savored twisting the meat in a web of the noodles and swallowing the whole thing in one skillful sucking motion. The whole experience turned into an awesome culinary dance in less than a minute. And in no time I was done. Left with the satisfaction and resolve to eat pho again.
Since then, I have sort out restaurants in my area that serve it and I have become a regular. Here is to trying out new things and discovering new experiences. 
Enjoying pho

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