Our fans and why we love every single one of them.

Boomslank fans

We've come a long way since 2010 of August. I remember when we created our Facebook page. For a while we had only 8 fans! And yet we were actually quite happy about that. But things have changed since then. We've reached over 32K fans and we've been picked up by some popular anime blogs. And most people who discover our products, tend to fall in love with them. 
These are all great things for the brand.

Boomslank Pisces tee modified to a dress by a fan. 

But whats even more flattering is when our fans go out there way to do something special. Either they create artwork for us, fan art, or they are modifying our tees to fit their unique styles.

boomslank style shoe by fan

Fan creates boomslank style shoe


I never in my wildest dreams, thought I'd start a clothing brand with my brother. I have a background in computer engineering and I tend to dabble in coding from time to time. So running a clothing brand is something most wouldn't expect from me. Even am surprised. But seriously, I never so this coming. And I am even more amazed that my brothers and I are getting some love from it. It Feels great!

Fan cosplay of Boomslank tee


Our fans are the lifeblood of our brand. Without them we are nothing. We exist because our fans see something worth investing in. We exist because our fans love us and want to see us create more of the things that make us unique. Our fans, especially the ones that have gone the extra mile, show us how much love, admiration and loyalty they have for us. And to us this means everything.

TorinoNami boomslank anime fan art
Artwork for Boomslank by Claire D
Getting an email from a fan just saying hi and that she loves what we do, makes my day every time.

fan email to Boomslank

So basically, our mission moving on is to make sure our fans are happy with us. And the simplest way we can do that is to keep doing what we are already doing. Treat them like personal friends and keep releasing unique anime inspired tees.

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