Meet Ai-Fi... the new face of Japanator.

commission work by boomslank for japanator Ai-Fi

One of the good things about running a business is meeting new people. And most of the time these new folks turn out to be really cool people. Enter Tim, Japanator's new chief editor and professional cool guy. 
Over the course of our almost 3 years of existence, people have slowly started warming up to our unique anime tees. And luckily the team at Japanator happened to be one of those people.
Tim contacted us wanting us to create a new mascot for them. They wanted someone who had a bit of a mechanical/android nature. I wouldn't bore you with the details. But lets just say, they had some very specific interests.
The one thing I can say about my brother's process is that he takes his time with the details. I am not an artist, but I get the feeling his process takes a bit more time compared to the average artist.

Ai-Fi concept
I think they are very happy with the work we did for them. And by we, I mean my kid brother P-shinobi of course.
You can see Ai-Fi in action at Japanator.

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