About our Mascots

About our Mascots

I am often asked about the origins of the Boomslank mascots. Each mascot actually represents an aspect of my personality.

Shin, our first mascot, symbolizes my friendly side;

Yuki, the second mascot, represents my (rare) outgoing moments.

Aya, the third mascot and one of my favorites, is my more quiet, stoic side. Her character design is meant to exude quiet strength. 

02, my fourth mascot, is probably my most public persona; shy. 

Zell, my fifth mascot, is probably closest to me. One of my favorite pastimes is drinking some good tea and just watching my garden.

Drake, my newest and most enigmatic mascot, symbolizes an aspect of myself; I rarely show anger or / a short temper. (I want to draw this character more)  
I tend to infuse a part of myself in my illustrations (I think most artists do in some way).  

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