Arsenal, our latest t-shirt is now available!

Arsenal, our latest t-shirt is now available!

Hi everyone, happy to say Arsenal is ready! This new t-shirt happens to be our boldest design yet as David wanted to try something a little more subtle.

You will notice that the fighter has a green camo pattern on a green/teal-ish shirt. I was a little nervous about how it would turn out, but we ended up loving the finished product.

Arsenal Anime T-shirt by Boomslank
A Quick snippet on David's inspiration for Arsenal

Long before I discovered and became inspired by anime, I loved drawing machines. I found aesthetic beauty in them and would design cars, planes, even entirely fictional machines. In my family library was a book titled "Russian World Power" that introduced me to the fascinating world of  Soviet-era warplanes.

Arsenal anime t-shirt by Boomslank

I spent so much time learning to draw them. While I also admire the sleek, often more sophisticated western jets (like the F-15), I always found a kind of rugged beauty in the Soviet machines. I wanted to reimagine those classic Soviet jets, like the Mig-12 & 21, in designing Arsenal with a modern design.

You can buy the Arsenal T-shirt here.

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