Boomslank Bringing Fulfillment to Anime Expo 22!

Boomslank Bringing Fulfillment to Anime Expo 22!

Hello everyone! We hope you are as excited about Anime Expo 22 as we are! This will be our first con since 2019 and our only con of the year. Needless to say, we needed to make sure it was special, and we are excited to announce that for the first time at a con, we will also be taking orders by fulfillment. What the heck does this mean? Well, I’ll tell you!

Fulfillment means you can now place an order at the convention, receive an email confirmation of this order, and have the order shipped to your specified address. With fulfillment, you can enjoy the convention without the hassle of having to walk around a crowded, 4-day convention with your valuable merchandise. How exactly is this changing the game, you ask?


Free shipping!

Well, gee Boomslank, how is fulfillment any different from buying online? Well, here it is! All fulfillment orders at AX ‘22 will have free shipping within the continental US! Boomslank’s goal has always been to give our con patrons the most stress-free, low-pressure buying experience. Fulfillment with free shipping is just our small way of making this easy for all of you.


Phone Cases are Coming Back to the Con!

For the first time since...the olden times, our popular phone cases will now be available at the con! You can view our catalog of iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel phone cases, place your order, and it will be conveniently shipped to your home.

Access to Our Online Inventory!

Though we will still bring merch to the con (duh…), you can still order that same item at the con from our online inventory. So even if we have sold out at the con, you can still grab that product from the same stock we use to serve our online store!


No need to carry your stuff around!

Worried about losing that sweet shirt you just picked up? Anxious about ripping that new print? Stressed about how to take all that merch home even though you swore you would not “go crazy” this year, but we all knew you would because you always do, Kevin?!! With fulfillment, you can place your order and leave the rest to us. Your item will be packed and shipped to you, and you will be free to roam the con and show off your fabulous cosplay unencumbered by your loot!

We’re excited to be back on the road and that we get to see you all again, and we are excited that we can bring fulfillment to the con to make the experience even better! Take care of yourselves, and we will be together again very soon!

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