My new found love for exercise.

My new found love for exercise.

Right about now, a lot of people are bound to their homes. Gyms are closed; eyes are glued to the TV, Youtube, and social media. And you know what that means, right? Stress and anxiety levels are about to spike. And not the least of all waist sizes.

Seriously, unless you're living under a rock or a monastic monk, you should know it's complete bedlam right now. 2020 hit the ground running with pure chaos at the helm.

Anyway, during these highly stressful times, it's essential to find a way to maintain your health, especially your mental health. 

I've started running.
I've always hated running. But at the same time, I wished I had the stamina required to do it. It wasn't until I read "Can't Hurt Me" by David Goggins, did I suddenly get better at it. I can now run 1.5 miles without feeling like I might die. 

Push-Ups and Chin Ups
My goal is to reach 50 push-ups and 20 chin-ups in one set. Again, consistency. Maybe one day, I can reach Saitama's routine. :D

At the moment, I have managed to shave off 10lbs! I am so excited about the progress. I am back to my college weight. I highly recommend that everyone exercise more. Forget about losing weight; it's about staying fit, feeling younger, stronger bones, and denser muscles.

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