Teaching other people to draw anime characters.

Teaching other people to draw anime characters.
I taught an Anime character design workshop at the Artspace! The Artspace is an organization that offers a space for creativity and arts education. The idea of teaching in front of people was terrifying, to be honest (I am also quite introverted).
anime angel

 But the people at the Artspace and the culture of the space are so welcoming. It was also lovely to work in such a beautiful building (that used to be a horse stable!). The workshops turned out to be an absolute joy. It's a bunch of anime fans meeting together and drawing anime (what was I scared of?). 

anime bunny robot

I share some of my techniques for creating Anime characters, like using real people as inspiration (which makes great gifts for my students!). 

angel girl II

If you're ever in the Raleigh - Durham area in North Carolina, feel free to follow the Artspace as I will be teaching more classes, including an introduction to digital anime art! ^_^  

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