It's all about quality.

Our printing process.

To understand the process, is probably a good idea to mention the two most popular methods for printing graphic tees.

  1. Heat press
  2. Screen printing -----> We use this guy :)
For starters we use the screen printing process for our shirts. Here is how our process compares to the other process.
Screen Printing
This technique uses a woven mesh to support an ink blocking stencil, in order to receive the desired image. The stencil forms open areas of mesh that transfers the ink onto the blank tee.
High quality prints.
Prints don't fade over time.
They last through countless washes.
Feels light on fabrics and therefore very comfortable.

Color limitations. Most screen printers will only work with graphics with maximum of 5 colors.
It is expensive. Nothing good comes cheap :) 
Is a more time consuming process. So turn around time can be a bit high.

Heat press 
The heat press process takes a "film" and literally bakes it onto a blank tee.
No color limitations. You can use as many colors you want.
Is very cheap.
Turn around time is very low.

Very low quality. They start cracking after a couple washes.
Not very comfortable on the skin.
Depending on the film, the graphic will fade.