Original anime graphic tees and posters
Original anime graphic tees and posters

Flag reprints are now available.

So first of all, I know we are doing things over here at Boomslank rather slowly. But believe me when I say the last thing we want to do is disappoint our fans. Especially our loyal fans that pretty much look out for us, buy every single thing we sell, and from time to time drop us a kind word or two.
October 23, 2013 by Justin A

Car Wash


Most people, who follow my art know I love mecha. But in that category I have a special spot for jets, specifically fighter jets! As a result I watch a lot of anime featuring jets like Macross (really love Macross zero!), Yukikaze and a new one, "sky crawlers". I am also a huge fan of the ace combat series. With "Car wash" I wanted to illustrate a scene of a small mercenary team. I created some new OCs (Original characters) Kenzo the pilot, Rachel the mechanic, and Sylvester the crew chief (who is not amused with the antics of her ace and mechanic). I really had fun creating these characters, maybe we will see them again XD



Airport II

I really love fantasy or any thing out of the ordinary. And I think that side of me shows up in this design. I always fantasize about catching a ride on a bird or an insect XD.
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Alright guys! Here is our first 100% guy approved design. HEHEHE. Is called flag. Although it will definitely look great on the ladies :-D . We hope you love it !

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Gate Keeper

Gate is actually our first design. But we had to put it on hold cause we couldn't find anyone who could print that many colors on a shirt. After months of hunting , we finally found someone able to do it. Even at that , there were still some restrictions due the level of detail. Gate Keeper is definitely our flagship shirt and we are really happy to make it available to you all. :-)

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