Original anime graphic tees and posters
Original anime graphic tees and posters

Blue Serengeti

We've visited three conventions so far in the span of this year. Many more convention trips to come next year btw :D . What we found at each convention was a lot of interest in a one-off poster we sold at those conventions. This poster was known as the Blue Serengeti. People at the conventions would ask us if this particular poster was also sold on our online store. Unfortunately it wasn't at the time. So, a couple of weeks ago we figured, why not sell it?

The first of many Posters!


Finally: Is taken us this long. But we've finally figured out how to sell our art Prints.

This will be the first of many prints! And we are really excited about how this particular print turned out.

Check it out :).

-Justin[Boomslank team]

March 09, 2012 by boomslank



Have you ever looked at a drawing and it sucks you in? I mean like you experience it more than just visually. You can feel the breeze, smell scents, and even hear sounds from the drawing. I experience this when I look at the works of one of my favorite artists, Shinkai Makoto (新海 誠). I really wanted to do something like that with Pisces. I hope when one looks at the drawing they can feel the subtle breeze or hear the deep bassy sound of a 30,000 kg. humpback whale passing above. Well...not sure if I succeeded but hope you like the art. ^_^


Coming soon.

Coming soon

Hey guys! We've missed you all. We've been caught up with introducing some new product segments. But in all that chaos, we managed to get one new design in the pipeline. Stay tuned, we all hope you love this design half as much as we love it. It will be available in sizes small to XXlarge. That's right we are bringing back XXlarge. Some awesome fans requested it and we listened. :D