Original anime graphic tees and posters
Original anime graphic tees and posters

Our Olympus Poster

Olympus is one of many posters to come in the near future. We've been sorta slow on releasing new designs. We have no real excuse for why this is the case. Needless to say we are going to fix that. 

Creating Olympus took a looooong time. And I didn't help things by taking sneak peaks at progress of the artwork. Seeing the poster take form only made me more anxious to see it go on sale. :-p . But my kid brother has his process. A process I can only describe as aging wine. hehehe.

Olympus according to my brother, was inspired by Gundam Unicorn. Here is the philosophy behind Olympus.

"I was very influenced by the anime movie Gundam Unicorn which probably ranks as one of the best things I have ever seen ever *__*.

Sometimes I fantasize about how quickly our differences would vanish if faced with a formidable foe from outside the earth sphere, as we band together and place our faith in those most qualified to carry our hope."


image credit to gundam-unicorn

Personally, I see a massive Tallgeese. But to be honest, is a very beautiful detailed work of art in my opinion.

image credit to gundam.wikia

You can get our newest poster and is available for purchase at 18 X 24

November 21, 2014 by Justin A

New poster and Zero Frame Reprints!



We have a new poster! Is called Nightmare. It was originally intended to be released for Halloween. However that didn't quite pan out. We have a new poster! Is called Nightmare. It was originally intended to be released for Halloween. However that didn't quite pan out. 

November 22, 2013 by Justin A

Something's coming

 Has it been that long since we came out with a new poster or tee? I guess it has been. Well we've been caught up with this sometimes pesky thing called life. I've been dealing with the dubious nature of my day job (which I really don't want to make a career of) . Along with that, been working on new stuff (lets leave it at that)

March 02, 2013 by Justin A

Blue Serengeti

We've visited three conventions so far in the span of this year. Many more convention trips to come next year btw :D . What we found at each convention was a lot of interest in a one-off poster we sold at those conventions. This poster was known as the Blue Serengeti. People at the conventions would ask us if this particular poster was also sold on our online store. Unfortunately it wasn't at the time. So, a couple of weeks ago we figured, why not sell it?

"Long Distance" is on its way.

Hey guys, is been a while since my little brother drew up something new. He has been swamped with commissioned artwork. And being the nice guy that he is, he has a hard time saying no to people. So being the mean guy that I am, I had to step in and help him manage his time.

Not to mention, this year was Boomslank's first year filing tax returns (Taxes suck!) . Who knew running a business would be so trying. I will save the details on running the business for another blog entry :) .

Anyway, we have a new poster coming soon. "Long Distance" was specifically drawn to be an 18x24 poster. My little brother originally had this concept setup for Valentines day. But there wasn't enough time to see it happen.
The poster should be available for sale in about a couple of weeks.

April 10, 2012 by boomslank