Carwash LG Case
Carwash LG Case
Carwash LG Case

Carwash LG Case

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Most people who follow my art know I love mecha. But in that category, I have a special spot for jets, specifically fighter jets! As a result, I watch a lot of anime featuring jets like Macross (really love Macross zero!), Yukikaze, and a new one, Sky Crawler. I am also a huge fan of the Ace Combat series. With "Car Wash" I wanted to illustrate a scene of a small mercenary team. I created some new OCs (original characters) Kenzo the pilot, Rachel the mechanic, and Sylvester, the crew chief (who is not amused with the antics of her ace and mechanic). I really had fun creating these characters, maybe we will see them again. XD


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Dual-layer case for extra durability and protection
Impact-resistant outer shell
Clear, open ports for connectivity
Supports wireless charging

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