Original anime graphic tees and posters
Original anime graphic tees and posters


So a couple of weeks ago, my kid brother the artist told me that he is quitting his job at Walgreen. He plans to pursue a full-time job as a free lancer. I gotta say I was over joyed to hear that. Here I was preaching about following your passion and not actually having the gut to do it. And my kid brother has taken the first step to realizing his dreams. And you know I'll be there every step of the way to lend whatever support I can.

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So if you've ever tried to run a clothing brand on a shoe string budget, you will know that it takes a lot of creativity to get what you need without going bro

November 15, 2012 by Justin Anyanwu

Owning a Roku


I don't remember the last time I watched live TV. Heck I don't remember the last time I sat down and channel surfed. These days, I mainly come back from work and sift through my DVR for choice shows. Tried to give up cable but the wonderful people at time warner threatened to raise my bill to hilariously high levels should I unbundle my internet and cable. So I punked out and I am still stuck with a cable service I don't care about (At least for a year). Currently I consume content via my Roku and Apple TV. I own a first generation apple tv (better than the newer generations in my opinion). I bought the Roku XS because


August 10, 2012 by Justin A

Woke up this morning to some international love. :)


Like everyone else (I assume), waking up to another week day of work can be a soul crushing experience. Knowing that you gotta go in and deal with office politics, pretend to care about things that don't really concern you or laugh at your boss' weak jokes. 

So is always welcomed when you wake up to a pleasant surprise. This morning I woke up to a modest number of orders from folks all over the globe. :D Made me really happy to see our stuff going global.
My favorite customer was the Japanese guy that bought a shirt for himself and two for his girlfriend (could be his sister) . But that's not to say I don't love everyone who shows us some love. :) 

May 10, 2012 by boomslank
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Driving on E

Ever had that rare moment where you ask yourself what would happen if I did something really stupid like say... I don't know, driving your car till it completely runs out of gas? If you haven't, well you should or you shouldn't, I actually don't care. Anyway I have always wondered if I would be one of those people who tempts faith by riding while dangerously low on gas. Needless to say, I experienced it a month ago and I am not going to let that happen again.

I drive a Ford Escort.Yes it is American, yes it is one of Ford's worst line of cars. So spare me. But to show my patriotism, I must point out that Ford is getting their act together. Their latest line of cars are actually really good. However it will take sometime to convince people that they are as reliable as their Japanese counterparts. My current car came fairly cheap and it serves me well, provided I keep up with regular and timely maintenance.

My daily commute to work is a miserable 1 hour coming and leaving. Do this five days a week and you have to refuel once a week. I am usually diligent about refueling my car. I usually panic right around when the dial aligns with E and that annoying red light starts beaming. And each time I refuel I notice it takes only ten gallons of gas to fill it up; which isn't the thirteen gallons I was anticipating. So one day I got the dumb idea to push the car as far as it could go while noticeably low on gas. Luckily it all happened while I was very close to a friend's.

Right after driving across the intersection, I noticed the car had suddenly started loosing power. As it progressively lost power, the steering felt heavier and heavier. I immediately knew this was it. The moment I have always wondered about, the moment I only hear from others which I have never experienced for myself. I felt somewhat excited and a bit worried. Taking advantage of my fortune that this didn't happen on the highway, I carefully banked the car on the side of the road and called the friend whose proximity was less than a mile. Obviously he did what all friends do when he heard my story, he laughed like a hyena for a good minute then told me he was on his way with a small can of gasoline and more insults. :D

April 05, 2012 by boomslank

Short Street Fighter movie

For a while I ate and drank Tekken, till I met some guys that humiliated me out of playing the game. So I guess it is true after all that there will always be someone better than you at something. In my case that person was many leagues ahead.

Needless to say I lost all bragging rights at that faithful Tekken tournament. Since then I have shifted interest to the low impact games like Final Fantasy(Final Fantasy is addictive). My relationship to Tekken was reduced to just watching fan made movies.

I have had the displeasure of watching some crappy fan made Tekken or Street fighter films. The martial art stunts were either elementary or the dialogue rivaled a childish banter between infants. But this particular one wasn't bad at all. I especially liked the Kazuya character they portrayed. The actor may not have resembled Kazuya, but he definitely recreated his mannerisms right down to the way Kazuya sprints to an opponent just before he puts the poor soul through unreal pain.

March 07, 2012 by boomslank